Chicken fillet soup with melted cheese

Chicken Soup with Cream Cheese

To cook chicken soup with a creamy cheese flavor, it is best to use chicken fillet. If you are cooking for a child or on a diet, replace the processed cheese with low-fat sour cream or some kind of hard cheese, otherwise the soup recipe is quite harmless, without sautéing onions and carrots. To enhance the flavor, use fresh or frozen dill in the recipe.

Ingredients for making chicken fillet soup with melted cheese

  • 🌽 Water - 1200 ml.
  • 🌽Potatoes - 2 pcs.
  • 🌽 Chicken fillet - 200 g.
  • 🌽 Onion - 1 pc.
  • 🌽Carrot - 1 pc.
  • 🌽 Salt - 1 tsp.
  • 🌽Processed cheese - 200 g.
  • 🌽 Fresh dill - 30 g.

How to cook chicken fillet soup with melted cheese

  • 🌽 Cut chicken fillet into small cubes, dip into boiling water, salt and cook for 20 minutes over low heat.
  • 🌽 While the fillet is cooking, peel and cut the carrots into small cubes, then chop the onion.
  • 🌽 After 15 minutes, when the chicken fillet is almost ready, cut the potatoes into cubes, throw them into the broth and cook for 10-15 minutes, until soft.
  • 🌽 Then we rub melted cheese on a fine grater.

For the convenience of rubbing the cheese, it is best to place it in the freezer for a few minutes beforehand.

  • 🌽As soon as the potato pieces become soft, add carrots along with onions and continue to cook over low heat.
  • 🌽After 10 minutes, throw the cheese and dill and continue to cook the soup for another 5 minutes until the cheese is completely dissolved.