Brazilian dessert “Brigadeiro”

Brazilian Dessert Brigadeiro

Love condensed milk? Then try the Brazilian Brigadeiro Candy Recipe. The classic version of this Brazilian dessert is a mixture of condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder and grated coconut. Since our family loves coconuts so much, we substituted cocoa powder for coconut flour.

The total cooking time for sweets is 1 hour 30 minutes. From the indicated amount of ingredients, about 14 candies will be obtained.

Ingredients for Brigadeiro sweets

  • 🍌200 ml. condensed milk
  • 🍌2 tablespoons of coconut flour
  • 🍌1 tablespoon of butter
  • 🍌Grated Coconut

How to make Brigadeiro sweets

  • 🍌 In a saucepan, mix 200 ml. condensed milk, 2 tablespoons coconut flour and a tablespoon butter.
  • Mix the ingredients well. Simmer over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon, for 10 minutes, stirring until the mixture thickens like a gooey cream and flakes easily from the pan.
  • 🍌Then remove from heat and place the mixture in a bowl greased with butter and let the mass cool for an hour.
  • 🍌 Lubricate the palms with butter, form small balls and roll in coconut flakes (or any other topping).
  • 🍌The best option is to place the candies in paper cups and decorate as desired.